Professional Leather Restoration Services from Furniture Experts.

Fine leather is not only susceptible to everyday stains and scratches but to noticeable shifts in color due to exposure to sunlight, wear and tear, body oils, perspiration and lack of maintenance. Color problems such as fading, color loss, or discoloration can be corrected with proper selection of pigments and dyes which can be precision-matched to your original leather hue and finish.


At Furniture TLC, we have three main areas of expertise in leather restoration projects:

  • Complete Restoration Services – For pieces that require full restoration due to irreparable damage such as sun-faded, PH damage, extensive finish failure, or dye-transfer, we offer complete restoration and finishing services that will restore the furniture to its original like-new condition. Many times full restoration can be done at a cost less than that of full retail replacement. We can customize our services and options to meet your requirements and your budget.
  • Change Color – Another restoration service we offer is changing the original color of your leather furniture. If, for example, you have a beige leather sofa that is faded and would like to have a mahogany-colored sofa, we can do it. We will create a custom color of your choice and professionally apply it to your existing leather.
  • Partial Replacement - Sometimes, due to age or damage, certain cushions, panels or sections of your leather furniture may need to be replaced. Because of our precise color-matching skills and years of restoration experience, we can offer this type of service to our clientele. This type of restoration service has helped many of our customers avoid having to purchase a full replacement.


We offer free leather restoration consultation and estimates. Email us photos of your leather furniture and what you would like done and we will respond with a solution and quote to professionally restore your furniture.

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