Vinyl Cleaning and Care

The professional products we use at Furniture TLC contain the correct ingredients to clean your vinyl upholstery properly and keep it from drying out and cracking. This is an important step to keeping your vinyl upholstery looking and feeling its best for a long time. Most vinyl cleaners sold in department and grocery stores may improve your upholstery’s condition for a short period of time, but then the vinyl dries out again. Some of these non-professional products contain harsh chemicals that could end up damaging the vinyl in the long term. They can dull the sheen of the material as well as cause premature fading. What’s more, our professional products are non-toxic, pet-friendly and contain environmentally safe ingredients.


Taking proper care of your vinyl upholstery is essential to getting the most life out of this durable material. If neglected, it is susceptible to drying out, and that causes cracking. We recommend cleaning your vinyl upholstery every six months depending on how often it is used, and having a vinyl protective finish applied to assist in keeping stains and soiling from penetrating the material. By removing dust regularly, wiping up spills immediately and having your vinyl cleaned and protected on a routine basis with professional products, you will enjoy many years of worry-free use from your vinyl upholstery.


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