Wood Cleaning & Care

It’s important to clean and polish your wood products on a regular basis with the right products. Your furniture is an investment that can last for generations when you take care of it. Our professional wood products have been formulated to clean thoroughly, replenish depleted natural oils and polish properly without leaving a waxy residue, and more importantly, without damaging the wood itself. You can have us come and professionally clean your wood furniture. Or you can do it yourself by buying the right products on our online store.

Take our Wood Furniture Cleaner. It has been developed to thoroughly clean away dirt and residue from wood and other hard surfaces without the use of harsh abrasives. It cleans deep, below the surface, yet is non-abrasive or damaging to the wood or surface. No scratching or marking. That’s the difference between wood cleaning products you buy off the shelf and the professional products we use and sell.

The best way to keep your wood from becoming damaged is to combine an ounce of prevention with good old common sense. With that in mind, here is a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your wood furniture.

  • Be careful when cleaning your wood; never allow dampness or moisture to be trapped between glass and a wood surface. Make sure your wood surfaces are completely dry before replacing a glass top.
  • Use coasters with felt or cork bottoms to eliminate water rings or halos.
  • Dust on a regular basis with a soft, dry cloth. This will allow your wood to breathe and keep the finish looking nice.
  • Make sure the wood polish you buy does not list alcohol as one of its main ingredients. A large amount of alcohol in your polish will damage the finish.
  • Avoid buying wood cleaning products that contain ammonia. This ingredient will damage your wood furniture.
  • Avoid placing hot serving dishes directly on your wood surface without a tablecloth, oven mitt or hot plate underneath to absorb the heat.
  • Keep furniture away from direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid fading. Exposing your wood surfaces to direct sunlight for long periods of time will dry it out.
  • If you have pets, and they like to climb on your wood chairs and table tops, it’s a good idea to protect those surfaces with a tablecloth, chair cover or furniture pad. Using these products will prevent pet nails from scratching, gouging and damaging your wood surface and finish.


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