Furniture Repair Cooper City

Furniture Repair Services in Cooper City

Leather Chair CleaningFurniture TLC proudly offers our safe, non-toxic and environmentally responsible furniture repair and cleaning in Cooper City.

Fabric Furniture Repair Cooper City

In Cooper City we work on all kinds of fabric and textile materials – natural fibers, synthetic fibers or a combination of both.

Fabric Furniture Cleaning and Care
Fabric Furniture Repair
Fabric Furniture Restoration
Fabric Furniture Upholstery

Leather Furniture Repair Cooper City

Our Cooper City professional service providers have been thoroughly trained to clean, condition and protect all leather types including Aniline or Unprotected, Semi-Aniline, Protected, and Nubuck.

Leather Furniture Cleaning and Care
Leather Furniture Repair
Leather Furniture Restoration
Leather Furniture Upholstery

Vinyl Furniture Repair Cooper City

Vinyl upholstery is a popular choice for household furnishings and car interiors. If maintained properly, this type of upholstery will last for many years due its durability and fade-resistant properties. We know how to care for and maintain this upholstery, and if necessary, restore it to its original condition.

Vinyl Furniture Cleaning and Care
Vinyl Furniture Repair
Vinyl Furniture Restoration
Vinyl Furniture Upholstery

Wood Furniture Repair Cooper City

We offer expert in-home service in Cooper City to maintain, repair and restore wood surfaces on furniture, cabinetry, wood floors and more. Services include: regular care and maintenance, color matching, water ring removal, refinishing and polishing, water damage and insurance work.

Wood Furniture Cleaning and Care
Wood Furniture Repair
Wood Furniture

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