Mattress Care

If you have a mattress that is stained and has started to smell, you likely have a serious hygiene issue on your hands. Odors are an indication that those stains have penetrated the surface and have become bacteria and allergen epicenters inside your mattress. It’s time to call Furniture TLC.

We offer a deep cleaning and sanitizing process for your mattress that’s so effective and revolutionary, we are one of a select few companies to offer it.

Our professionals will not only remove the stains and odors from the fabric, but our process cleans deep inside your mattress to eliminate those bacteria and hygiene issues. Best of all, our cleaning process is non-toxic, pet-safe and eco-friendly.

After we clean your mattress, we will add a protectant to the fabric to help prevent future accidents from penetrating through the surface. We also offer specially made mattress casings that can be fitted after your cleaning is completed. We know how important a good night’s sleep is, that’s why we offer a mattress cleaning service unlike any other in the furniture or cleaning industry. Contact Furniture TLC today and start sleeping sounder knowing your mattress is thoroughly clean.

For more information about our revolutionary mattress cleaning process, call 855-753-3237 or email us on the Contact Us page.

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