Give your fabric upholstery some TLC. Chances are good it needs it.

Since you don’t walk on your furniture and you don’t track visible dirt and grime from your shoes onto your fabric upholstery, it’s only natural that you don’t realize how heavily soiled your sofa, love seat, and chairs can become. Depending on the color and type of fabric you have, it may be hard to see just how much dirt is on your furniture. Add in the perspiration and natural body oils that are transferred onto the fabric and become embedded deep into the fibers of the material, and you not only have a soiled piece of furniture, you have a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. And you have a material that has been weakened and is more susceptible to damage. Having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned properly on a regular basis can eliminate these health and allergy risks in addition to extending the life of the fabric.


Natural or synthetic fabrics or a combination of both…we work on them all.

We clean, repair, restore and upholster all different kinds of fabric and textile materials whether they are composed of natural or synthetic fibers or a combination of both. Our textile specialists have been thoroughly trained in how to properly identify your specific type of fabric.


We can provide TLC for all kinds of fabric products.

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