Fabric Education

Fabric Upholstery Essentials

When considering buying a piece of furniture, choosing the right fabric upholstery is essential. Nothing is more visible and fundamental to a room than a sofa, chair or love seat. These are important furniture pieces that can make your room come to life. Upholstery fabrics play an important role in defining the style of a room. That is why when choosing your fabric, keep in mind the following elements: color, patterns, texture, functionality, stain resistance and your lifestyle.


Leather Education

Leather Basics

When considering an investment in leather furniture, you are considering one of the oldest, most durable materials known to man. Since prehistoric times animal skin has been utilized by humans for many uses including furniture and clothing. Tanning is the process in which the hide of the animal is made into leather. The tanning  process preserves the  skin, otherwise decomposition would take place and the hide would be worthless. The leather used on most furniture pieces is produced from cattle hides.


Vinyl Education

The Versatility of Vinyl

Vinyl is used as a basic material for a lot of things, mainly plastic, because it is strong, durable and not affected by most chemicals. Vinyl is used in food wrap, clothing, handbags, upholstery, vehicle interiors, wallpaper, floor tiles, blinds, and window screens just to name a few.


Wood Education

Understanding the Nature of Wood

Wood comes from trees. While that may seem like a very simplistic and obvious statement, it’s an important fact to remember in understanding the nature of wood. Wood as a material is produced from a living thing. Whatever qualities or shortcomings the wood possesses originated from the tree whence it came. Knowing how a certain wood grows in nature is essential to working with it, caring for it and appreciating its natural beauty.


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