Professional Fabric Upholstery Repair with Tender Loving Care.

Fabric RepairSometimes your furniture takes more of a beating than you ever thought it would. The kids chase the dog around it, on it and over it. Your husband spends his Saturdays on it drinking, eating and sleeping. It might even be at a point where you are embarrassed to have family and friends over to sit on it. If this sounds like your house, then it sounds like your fabric furniture is in need of some TLC.

We can replace those misshapen foam cushions, stitch in a new button or two, and repair those worn spots in the fabric as if they never happened. Utilizing specialty repair products and proven techniques, our certified fabric upholstery repair professionals will have your furniture looking like new again. Our repair process won’t be complete until we thoroughly clean and protect your upholstery to help protect against future stains and everyday dirt from dulling your fabric’s look and feel.

Here are just a few the Fabric Repair services we provide at Furniture TLC:

  • Pet damages from dogs, cats and birds
  • Difficult stain removal
  • Wear and tear damage
  • Scorching or burn marks
  • Re-stitching of open seams
  • Re-stuffing or replacing foam cushions
  • Replacing missing buttons or tufts

We offer free online fabric repair consultation and estimates. Email us photos of your fabric upholstery damage and we will respond with a solution and quote to professionally repair the problem.

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