Professional Fabric Restoration Services from Furniture Experts.

Because of their delicate nature, fine fabrics and textiles are more susceptible to becoming damaged than ordinary fabrics. Everyday wear and tear, soiling, staining, fading due to exposure to sunlight, perspiration and lack of regular maintenance can be detrimental to the condition and look of your furniture. If repair cannot address the damage satisfactorily, your piece may be a good candidate for a restoration.


At Furniture TLC, we have two main areas of expertise in fabric restoration projects:

  • Complete Restoration Services - For pieces that require full restoration due to irreparable damage such as sun-fading, persistent staining, worn spots, rips, tears and burns, we offer complete restoration and finishing services that will restore the furniture to its original like-new condition. Many times full restoration can be done at a cost less than that of full retail replacement. We can customize our services and options to meet your requirements and your budget.
  • Partial Replacement - Sometimes, due to age or damage, certain cushions, panels or sections of your fabric furniture may need to be replaced. If a replacement can be located and matched properly to your furniture, we will suggest this as an option. This type of restoration service has helped many of our customers avoid having to purchase a full replacement.

We offer free online fabric restoration consultation and estimates. Email us photos of your fabric upholstered furniture and what you would like done and we will respond with a solution and quote to professionally restore your furniture.

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