Protect your investment with regular professional leather care.

Proper leather care should include professional cleaning every six months. We clean leather using a three-step process whereas most cleaning companies use only one. Our certified leather specialists will carefully identify your leather type and clean your furniture or products using our proprietary cleaning products specifically designed for your leather type. We dry the leather thoroughly and then apply a product that delivers the fat liquors back into the leather. This step is called increasing the “hand” of the leather. Finally we apply a coat of our proprietary protection cream to increase the “hand” further, as well as increase the integrity of the finish coat, or in the case of aniline leather, simply slow the rate of absorption should you spill something on this leather type. If you have Nubuck or Suede, we will apply a water-based aerosol-free protector that will not stain or discolor this delicate leather. The cleaning process is completed when we condition and protect your leather to shield it against future stains and damage while we revitalize and restore its natural beauty and feel.

The professional leather products we use at Furniture TLC contain the correct ingredients based on the type of leather you have and add back the proper nourishment, which is a vital component to keeping your leather looking and feeling its best for a long time. Most leather cleaners and conditioners sold in department and grocery stores may improve your leather’s condition for a short period of time, but then the leather dries out again. Some of these store bought leather products contain ingredients that could end up causing irreparable damage to your leather.

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